What happened after becoming a Muslim?

“A column on social media has gone viral in recent days. This column was about the new Muslim Dr. Lawrence Brown and this was written by Javed Chaudhry. In the column, Mr. Chaudhry mentions Dr. Lawrence Brown, an American.” But there was an atheist (Laden) giveme5.

His daughter Hina was born in 1990. She had a blocked artery in her heart. I will find out ‘Allah Pak helped’ Dr. Brown’s daughter recovered without surgery Now it is their responsibility to find it. However, Dr. Brown converted to Islam in 1994. Chaudhry’s column turned to God. Yes, but the picture is still there, my friend. ”

This article was sent to me by a friend. This is Haroon Malik’s article and it was published in a newspaper. I don’t know the author but he worked hard so I am reprinting it in the column. “It’s not a story of old-fashioned princes and princesses to end this story. They started living happily ever after.”

It was a story of an American converting to Islam, so Dr. Brown’s real story begins after he became a Muslim. After Mr. Chaudhry’s column, I gathered information about Dr. Brown’s life and the difficulties he faced. In short, I would like to share with you, ”says Dr. Brown.

Within a year of Dr. Brown’s conversion to Islam, not only did his wife separate from him but custody of the children passed to his wife. He also stayed with his mother. Dr. Brown’s wife took Dr. Sahib’s house with him.

The court asked his wife, “Does Dr. Lawrence Brown beat her up?” The court ordered Dr. Brown to stay at least 100 yards away from his children and wife. The court ordered the doctor to arrange for a security guard. Payout of your own pocket and have the security guard make sure Dr. Brown’s children and ex-wife are at a safe distance from Dr. Brown.

The court ruled that the doctor was now a practicing Muslim and that it was important for his children to stay away from him. Dr. Brown not only faced domestic problems but also his social and practical life after converting to Islam. Was also destroyed.

He had been with the American Air Force for twelve years, but after becoming a Muslim he began to realize that this job could not work with his new religion. Being part of the war machinery was becoming a burden on his conscience, so Dr. Brown quit the job. Stay away and avoid.

The problem was that Dr. Sahib was accustomed to drinking before he converted to Islam. He used to make good beer himself, but now he did not even go to such places to drink, so who would like to get up and sit in Dr. Sahib’s company? Dr. Brown’s parents once said they miss the beer he made, but the doctor now wanted to please God, not his friends or parents.

In his story, Dr. Sahib, while talking about not shaking hands with non-mahram women and avoiding touching them, says that Judaism and Christianity also have a command to stay away from non-mahram women. And shaking hands or touching a woman is considered a sin.

These teachings or injunctions of Islam are not new but are in accordance with the Abrahamic religions. In another example, Dr. Brown says, “Would anyone like someone else to touch his car?” Obviously, it is also wrong to touch or shake hands with non-mahram women, ”said Dr. Brown.

Dr. Sahib’s problems did not end here, but he went to Dr. Sahib’s house, had children, and did not stay with his parents and friends. If there are cars, he is considered a rich man. It is not easy to buy a house in Western countries or America and live a well-settled life. According to Sahib, Allah tests His servants in the same way. I was also aware of these difficulties and I was mentally ready for this test.

Dr. After converting to Islam, Sahib had to take up residence in a cheap studio flat in a cheap area. It was a dirty building. But they were forced to live here. They did not have the capital for a good house. According to Dr. Sahib, these are just a few of the difficulties they can describe. There are many more problems and prejudices they face every day But they do not consider it appropriate to mention them today.

Dr. Brown said that in Europe if a person builds a house in Venice, Geneva, Sydney or Switzerland, it is considered successful, but God gave me a house in Medina after I was evicted from the United States. Medina is the best in the world.

There is a city, this is the house of my Prophet, there is no danger of theft here, there is peace, I have traveled all over the world, but believe me, I have never seen a city like Madinah, may Allah give me another wife and child After losing his property in the United States, he moved to his beloved city. Now Dr. Sahib’s relationship with his parents has improved. Yes, life has become normal.

Dr. Lawrence Brown’s two most famous books are God’ed and MisGod’ed. After his conversion to Islam, he initially lost his home, his children, his parents, and his friends, but now he has been deported from the United States to Kenya.

People from Egypt to Saudi Arabia and Pakistan know and love. These things are written because it is never easy to convert to Islam or to leave any religion. For this, your social and societal life is turned upside down. May Allah bless everyone with peace and walk on the paths of guidance. “Even if that guidance is in any form.”

I am grateful to Aaron Malik. He guided me and completed the incomplete story of Dr. Lawrence Brown. I admit my shortcomings. I also admit that no matter how hard I try, my incompetence gets in the way. And I can’t make the column comprehensive.

Maybe it’s because of the limited footing of the column. We have to say everything in sixteen or seventeen hundred words. There are countless people in the world who are experts in this art. Explain everything. I’ve been trying for the last 25 years, but I’m not getting any success. I could, but I still admit my mistake.

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