Media vs Government

Media vs Government. Power and authority enslave thought and thought to desires and take desires to where the return is impossible. There have been many characters in the past whose addiction to power and authority has written their name in history in black letters.

Yes and no, the conflict between right and wrong, falsehood and truth was created with the creation of the universe and continues to this day. Some decisions must be left to history as to who was in the right direction and who chose the wrong path Media vs Government.

The dear country is going through a decisive stage. We have gone through many critical and interesting stages but now the country is at a decisive stage. The responsibility falls on many, but it is too much on some.

Those who always put the burden of responsibility on others will certainly not be able to get rid of it now. The economy, politics, and now the burden of restrictions on journalism will be left to history.

The country has been ruled by many saints for the last 70 years. When the military dictator who ruled for 40 years passed away, his name did not remain. In his time, very few people had the courage to die in front of him. Those who challenged the ban on politics and journalism are still alive today.

False news continued to be spread in Pakistan even yesterday and those who spread false news continued to be jihadists themselves.

Media vs Government

In the days of General Zia-ul-Haq, the network of false news against Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto was so wide that he had to respond to the false propaganda from prison, sometimes in the name of ‘if I was killed’ and sometimes in the name of ‘rumor and reality. Had to give through

Thanks to the efforts of Bashir Riaz, an old ally of the Bhutto family and chairman of the Bhutto Legacy Foundation, Altaf Ahmad Qureshi has translated the book ‘Rumor and Reality’ during Bhutto’s imprisonment under the title ‘Rumor and Reality.

The incidents recorded in this book are enough to open the eyes of how the propaganda machinery accused Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto of kidnapping and killing Asadullah Mengal, son of late Ataullah Mengal and brother of Akhtar Mengal. Rising Inflation and Petrol Prices.

Has not only written in this book but also the names of the kidnappers.
The propaganda that has started today in the name of the rumor is not without purpose. It has taken many years to prepare this propaganda. The way in which the state and state machinery is being used to make lies come true also has a purpose.

Neutrals who have never been neutral are now silent. Who is the power behind the scenes and what are the objectives of the restrictions on the media?

Everyone understands, but voices are muffled in this atmosphere of fear? The tragedy is that the people who are being used as a tool to create this atmosphere will also benefit from it.

Hitler was also a character in history who erected such a false building to prolong his rule that he himself was buried under that building. Goebbels, who adheres to the adage, “Lie so much that it seems to be the truth,” is still opposed to the truth.

Whoever has an agenda and no matter what the propaganda is, there are no feet of lies and no identity of liars.

Truth makes its way like a flowing river. Self-talk societies also become unfamiliar with their voices. Who benefits from a deaf, dumb, and blind society? I wish the PTI government understood this.

Journalists have competed yesterday and will continue to do so. The sacred cows that were there yesterday will now be added, so what? Whoever is the source of the idea of ​​banning the media has to learn some lessons from history

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