I am proud of my worldliness

Maulana Tariq Jameel is the introduction of Pakistan and Islam all over the world. We can disagree with him a million times, but we have to accept the effect of Allah Almighty on his language and the sincerity of his religion. Maulana is my friend. “They often say ‘please’, they also meet and they call ‘a’ development agreement ‘was reached between me and them.

They consider Imran Khan as the second founder of the state of Madinah while I think that if Imran Khan makes Pakistan the only state then the nation will continue to wear its image. I also think that Imran Khan At the same time, the state of Madinah cannot make this country a distant state of Donga Bonga, so Maulana does not try to persuade me and I do not bother him by telling him the folly of the government.

There is another agreement between us. They do not harm me by preaching the Hereafter and I do not test their faith by preaching worldliness, so they are happy and I am happy. Praise be to Allaah, I do not take the effect of their words and I keep on chasing them and by the grace of Allaah, they do not take my words seriously and thus we are living a glorious life avoiding each other.

Maulana Tariq Jameel is ill nowadays. He is in the hospital. The doctors have put a third stent in his chest. He could not even go to the annual gathering of Raiwind for prayers this time. “I was called by Maulana from the hospital two days ago. I was feeling sad.” I asked him how he was. “What are you going to do with so many stunts?” Maulana replied with a laugh.

I laughed and replied, “We’ll come to the club Maulana.” He laughed too. I replied, “Sir, you called the right person.” “It should be done by an experienced person and because I have seven years of experience in abusing, so I can give you better advice.” Maulana laughed heartily. I also started laughing. I asked him. If you want to live, then you have to make it a point. We are not living in a society.

We live in the jungle and the animals that die in the jungle are amazing, so let’s live in this jungle, spend our whole life and finally die a natural death in our beds without oxygen tubes. “This will be our greatest achievement,” Maulana thought for a while and said, “I admit it, but it still bothers me.” Who gave the authority and who is giving this abuse?

This rain is being given by ‘religious people, they are also offering prayers and the Quran, but they are abusing me with the language of recitation and praying for the straight path, ‘I am in great pain because of this’ There was an answer to the objection but I remained silent out of respect. I asked about his health, prayed for his recovery, promised an early appointment, and hung up.

My conversation with Maulana Tariq Jameel ended but I kept thinking for a long time what kind of jungle are we? We will have a worse forest in the jungles. There are rules in the jungles too. Even in them, lions, wolves, foxes, and foxes do not abuse foxes. They do not attack any small animal. They do not eat the offspring of pregnant animals and enemy animals even when they are hungry. We don’t want to allow others to think and like or dislike anyone.

Allah Almighty also tolerated earthly gods like Pharaoh, Nimrod, and Shaddad. He still tolerates Satan and one-third of the world’s population denies the existence of Allah but Allah saved them from famine, poverty, disease, and death. Saves but we people! God’s refuge! Who would be a greater hypocrite than us? We are not ready to give a person the freedom to think, who are we and how are we?

I have a rain-knower. He is a five-time revelation man. He behaves like a believer but repents and repents. He does not hesitate to mix it with water. I say may Allah forgive me, when people like you talk about religion, all the religions of the world become suspicious and worldly people like us are forced to think that if we have to come on the path of religion and become like you. Then we are just fine, we are good without a tail.

Believe me, on the day when I heard insults for Maulana Tariq Jameel from the mouths of religious people, I had earlier insulted and attacked Junaid Jamshed (deceased) in the name of Hazrat Ayesha. And whenever I sit on the pulpit of the Holy Prophet on YouTube and hear the scholars calling other Muslims infidels or abusing them, I recite the Nafl of Thanksgiving and give a million thanks to Allah Almighty. The pious “saved me from the class” He kept his beard and saved others from the sin of calling others infidels and abusing others by standing in mosques.

Believe me, I am proud to be worldly and I ask Allah, “O Almighty! I fear you and the love of your Prophet flows in my veins. All I ask of you is that you accept me as I am. ‘Do not make me a slave of any sect or any religious scholar’ ‘You see the grace of Allah on worldly people like us’ Don’t get angry.

To this day, we have not spoken ill of those who call us sinners every day, call us the dog of the world and keep proving us infidels. Not when these people sit on the pulpit of the Holy Prophet (saw) and recite the Qur’an and declare another scholar as a kaafir and also abuse him as a mother and sister. How many brave people are these? I greet them with both hands.

You see the beauty of this forest. In the forest, the dog does not eat the meat of the dog, but we devour each other to the fullest. We want to take over the world, but we can’t control our tongues. Who are we? I read in religious books who is our Lord and our messenger and how much we are believers and how much we are unfaithful this decision is to be made by Allah on the day of resurrection but you see how much we are bigger than our lord That we are asking this question to others in this world.

Allah also allows Pharaoh to challenge his deity but we are not ready to give anyone the right to like or dislike anyone of their own free will ‘Maulana Fazlur Rehman and his associates blocked the roads of the whole country It is true that Maulana Tariq Jameel met Imran Khan and insulted Islam. They became beheaded. What a spectacle and what Is religion and is it religiosity? If this is a religion then we are worldly.

We have learned to stay away from you people. Then our world is good in which we only disagree with others. In which we tolerate each other’s point of view and the punishment for this point of view is our mother. Or the sister does not have to endure.

We worldly people consider it the right of cats and even dogs to deny it and do not allow anyone to be deprived of this right even if it is Donald Trump when your religion The mother, sister, and daughter of the scholar are not safe from the language of the scholar.

Even if you stand on the pulpit and insult other Muslims, you will one day think with a cold heart and mind, “How much better are we worldly and sinful people than you,” how close are we to Allah? Believe me, when we see and hear you people, we start to be proud of being worldly. We start giving thanks to Allah even when we are sinners and who is responsible for that? You, religious people, are responsible for this.

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