The doctors were trying to wake him up

I panicked and I said in my panic, “I want to stop. It’s not my business.” He said, “Why.” I said, “Mr. I repeated the saying of Hazrat Ali (AS) in which the Lion of God had said that excessive preoccupation eats away at the emotions of human beings give me 5.

The doctors were trying to wake him up

He said: “People’s economic, psychological and informational lives are changing and such a preoccupation will not fix the step-down,” I said. “But, sir, this is more than my time. And he asked, “Are all your limbs working?” Compare with ‘He carried the burden of his whole life on the eyelid of his left eye’ As long as he was alive.

He did not let this burden fall below the eyelid’ By He has a healthy body to carry the burden of life when he had only one blink of an eye, “Are you better or he?” He paused and spoke again. You will be the listener yourself. ”I thought for a moment and then asked,β€œ Jeans Dominic Bobby was a French journalist.

He was born on April 23, 1952. He was educated. He became a journalist and started working. He became the editor-in-chief of the famous Parisian fashion magazine “Elie“. There is nothing in between his hard work. He lived a contented life with his wife Seleni and two children. He worked five days a week and spent two days off with his wife and children.

On the day he would go out on the countryside, camping, playing the violin in the open poles and in the woods, and lying on the shores of lakes and canals talking to the midnight moon. He would sit on the shores of lakes and throw pebbles into the water and watch the moon change over the waves for a long time. He also loved jogging.

He was also fond of theaters and movies. He was also very interested in the changes that were taking place in his fashion but then a strange thing happened. On December 8, 1995, he tried to get up from his chair. The body left him, he went into the nation, his body, his mind, and his soul all fell into a deep sleep, Bobby was taken to the hospital but he had become a vegetable, his lungs accumulated oxygen The heart was pumping blood and this blood was also circulating in the body but his senses had already answered ‘He had drowned in a deep sleep well’ Bobby was on the ventilator and he was fed through a tube.

The doctors were trying to wake him up. Twenty days later, his eyes were opened. He woke up, but he was suffering from Lock-In Syndrome. Also, the whole body is paralyzed. Bobby’s whole body was paralyzed. He could move, speak, eat or touch any part of the body. This is a very frightening type of disability.

But then what did Allah have to do? Bobby’s sense of hearing returned. He could hear now and a few days later his left eyesight and eyelid movement also came back. Now Bobby’s physical condition was something like this. He could hear the voices around him, he could see with his left eye and he could express his likes and dislikes in the blink of an eye.

And you can imagine how difficult this world is. He decided to write a book in the blink of an eye. His wife had invented a way of communicating with him during this time. What he didn’t blink at was denial. His wife decided to help him write the book.

He hired an assistant. He took Bobby’s assistant typewriter. He would sit in front, speak the alphabet from Assistant A to Z. Bobby’s wife would look at Bobby’s eyelid and they would type the letter on which he blinked. Then the alphabet would be spoken again and The letter that Bobby used to blink was also typed.

These letters would gradually become words and the words would become sentences after a while. These people would write a book for four hours a day. This practice continued for a year. Bobby completed a word in two minutes and blinked 200,000 times a year.

The book was completed in 1997. And on March 6, 1997, the first edition of the book hit the market. On the first day, 25,000 copies were sold. The weekly sales reached 1.5 million, and a month later, the book became Europe’s bestseller.

Millions have been sold. People are amazed at his courage and approach “It’s the only book in the world that was written with a blink of an eye, and the authors completed the book with one letter at a time, and Bobby proved that if you have a blink of an eye, you can do even better.” I fell silent. He smiled and said, “But you didn’t say anything more about Bobby.

” I came, put this book in front of Bobby’s living eye, and shouted, “Bobby, you have succeeded. Your name will always be in the world now.” His wife began to applaud his work. In the echo of the applause, Bobby’s soul flew away from the elemental cage. He passed away just three days later, on March 9, 1997. It seemed that he was alive to complete this book.

I became silent. He said, “Now compare yourself with Bobby. You are made perfect, all the organs of your body are working, you are running, you are living a dynamic life, wherever you want to go, you get up, put on your shoes and stand out, from water to apples and mangoes. Everything in the world, from potatoes You can taste and feel the warmth of life from every single tissue of your body.

You can count the raindrops and feel the scattered rays of the sun to your right and left. All the moons of your life too. There are and all the flavors and fragrances of your life are alive but you want to step down by justifying your engagement. You want to “go up”. Who will be? ”He said,β€œ Let the spirit of man be safe.

If he maintains his courage and enthusiasm, then he can carry the burden of his whole life in a blink of an eye. The one who becomes fearful, be ashamed, be courageous, be courageous and give thanks to Allah, He has given life to each and every one of your hairs. You also have to carry this burden. Give thanks and move forward. Engagement is a blessing of Allah and not a torment.

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