Media vs Government

Media vs Government. Power and authority enslave thought and thought to desires and take desires to where the return is impossible. There have been many characters in the past whose addiction to power and authority has written their name in history in black letters. Yes and no, the conflict between right and wrong, falsehood and … Read more

I am proud of my worldliness

Maulana Tariq Jameel is the introduction of Pakistan and Islam all over the world. We can disagree with him a million times, but we have to accept the effect of Allah Almighty on his language and the sincerity of his religion. Maulana is my friend. “They often say ‘please’, they also meet and they call … Read more

The leadership of all parties is not mentally democratic

Just as it is believed that it is impossible to achieve true democracy, real respect for the vote, real civilian supremacy under the leadership of all current political leaderships, it is also believed that all current political leaderships are mentally, internally independent, independent, strong institutions. Before talking about the contradiction of the words and deeds … Read more

Mian Mahmood’s Autobiography

When I bought Brigadier Mian Mahmood’s autobiography My Reflections in Passion, my eyes got a little wet. When I took the book in my hands, I felt a strange thrill. At one point, years passed when Dr. Zafar Altaf had daily meetings with Brigadier Mahmood. The last time I met him was at the doctor’s … Read more

Pakistan is going through a crisis

Pakistan is going through a crisis

Today, Pakistan is going through a crisis in which civil-military relations have deteriorated, although this is not the first time. It was said that in the current setup, after a long time, the civil-military has come to the same page. The military leadership has repeatedly said that it stands with the current political leadership and … Read more

Mazhar Shah’s rise

Mazhar Shah's rise

By the way, the work we do requires either great courage or stupidity. The wise say that the difference between a fool and a brave man is only to the extent of the letters, otherwise, they are two sides of the same coin giveme5. A long time ago, I watched a video clip of famous … Read more