Rising Inflation and Petrol Prices

When a time comes when a nation’s elites and rulers become indifferent to the problems of the common man, they do not take seriously even the most important problems of the people and do not suggest any concrete solution to any of their problems giveme5.

Rising Inflation and Petrol Prices

If they can, then that nation should understand that this is an alarm bell for them. Such a situation severely affects the reputation of the society as on such occasions many dangerous elements are not only born but also take advantage of the situation and further exploit the common man.

Rising inflation and petrol prices today have reached all-time highs and every Pakistani has been hit hard by this economic crisis. Eats poor people. Inflation may have reduced the luxuries of our ruling class and elite, but it has also made it more difficult for the poor to manage their bread, education, health, and electricity bills. Mian Mahmood’s Autobiography.

It is a sign of the indifference of the rulers that instead of correcting their failed and flawed economic policies, the people are being told that inflation is not just a problem of Pakistan but global prices have gone up.

That petrol is being sold in Pakistan at the lowest price as compared to other countries in the region. It is also said to consume less sugar, eat one loaf of bread, at the same time the people are urged to increase their own income, then they will be able to fight inflation.

The biggest joke is that the current government blames the previous government, a government that failed to complete its five-year term, for inflation, which has reached an all-time high. How can inflation increase in the country even three years after the end of power?

On top of that, the Occupy Pakistanis who are supporters of the present government, they repeatedly teach Pakistanis that inflation is also in foreign countries, petrol is also sold expensively here but there is no wailing about inflation here.

Doing Recently, a video went viral in which an Overseas Pakistani woman living in the UK was saying that people are living in Pakistan with great enthusiasm, life in the UK is very difficult, she also said that Imran Khan’s target At the moment, is not a matter of controlling inflation but of making Pakistan prominent on the world stage.

First of all, when we repeatedly compare prices globally, why don’t we compare the income of the residents of those countries and the income of a Pakistani? Why do people forget that the annual per capita income in these countries is between 40 to 60 thousand dollars while the per capita annual income in Pakistan is close to 11 hundred dollars which is getting further depreciated with the depreciating value of the rupee?

Even in our region where the price of petrol in India is said to be Rs 250 per liter, the per capita annual income is سو 2300 and the rate of increase in prices there is less than the increase in prices in Pakistan. If the lowest income person in Pakistan carries 10 liters of petrol, which becomes a tank for a motorcycle, then 10% of his income is spent whereas in other countries the rate is 0.25 to 1%. Inflation in those countries is also 3 to 4 percent which is said to be quite extraordinary while in Pakistan this rate is more than double.

On the other hand, the bitter reality is that the people of Pakistan are going through the most difficult economic time in history, which is also the most apathetic time in history. There is no doubt that the global lockdown due to Corona has led to a rise in global prices but poor government policies are also behind the rise in prices in Pakistan.

Due to the frequent changes of the Federal Minister of Finance, the continuous depreciation of the rupee, inflation, and lack of control over hoarding, Pakistan, which was self-sufficient in food, has now been forced to import agricultural commodities. Failure to collect utters and taxes on petrol prices as well as failure to promote business are among the failed economic policies.

But now the indifference of the rulers has become the biggest problem. The apathetic rulers urge the people to eat less bread, increase their sources of income, and compare prices with other countries of the world. With all these things, assumptions, and excuses nothing happens to the common man who earns 15 to 20 thousand rupees a month and cannot support his family on such a meager income.

He cannot satisfy the hunger of himself and his wife and children for rising inflation in the world. He cannot blame his parents for the fact that the price of medicines has quadrupled in the present regime due to the corruption of previous governments, nor has he blamed himself for not following the advice to increase his income.

Maybe because of the current government, unemployment is rampant all over the country. Neither the elite nor the rulers can make a household budget of 15 to 20 thousand per month. PTI Overseas Pakistanis Why life in Pakistan is not easy to return to Pakistan?

Before the revolution in Iran, Shah’s brother used to say that why do people cry for traffic? Why don’t they use helicopters? Before the French Revolution, when Queen Fran My Antonit was told that people do not have bread to eat, so he said why don’t they eat cake. We all know the history after the indifference of these rulers.

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