Dr. Shahid Masood the senior anchorperson apologized to Najam Sethi

Dr. Shahid Masood, the senior anchorperson who reported the 35 punctures, apologized to Najam Sethi during his recent TV show. Dr. Sahib admitted that the source of the news was fake due to which Mr. Sethi was very hurt.

Dr. Shahid Masood apologized to Najam Sethi

Dr. Sahib explained that the person who had given him this news could never have imagined that he could say such a (fake) thing.

It is good that Dr. Sahib has now apologized for this matter. The then Leader of the Opposition and the present Prime Minister Imran Khan believed this fake news of 35 punctures to be true. Chief Editor Mir Shakeel-ur-Rehman kept making all sorts of serious allegations against him. Sometimes by climbing on the container, sometimes during press talk, and sometimes in his TV interviews.

From stealing elections, giving favors to Jang Group through Pakistan Cricket Board, taking money from Nawaz Sharif, taking money from India, the USA, and Europe.

Some TV channels were also used for this purpose but when Sethi Sahib and Mir Sahib went to court, there was no answer, no evidence. When the government came, then Khan had the best opportunity to gather evidence from all government agencies, all ministries, and every department to prove his allegations, but that did not happen because there was no such thing.

What was often said on the container and what was called through a few TV anchors and some TV channels was all lies, fake but sold.

In 2014, about 18 journalists, including me, met him at the invitation of the then Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, shortly after which a TV anchor ran fake news that Nawaz Sharif gave each journalist Rs. Fake news was repeated by Imran Khan on the container the next day.

This series of allegations continued till the 2018 elections, of which Mir Shakeel-ur-Rehman was the biggest target in the media. When Khan Sahib won the election, he said in his victory speech that he would forgive all those who made accusations against him, but Khan Sahib himself based on fake news on others. He did not say anything about the allegations or apologize. After winning the election, I met Khan Sahib in Bani Gala with some members of the Jang Group.

In this meeting, I reminded him that before the 2013 elections, Jang Group supported PTI without any announcement but during his sit-in, Khan Sahib leveled all kinds of allegations against Jang Group and Mir Sahib. I had also spoken to Khan Sahib and other journalists, including me, about the fake accusation of taking money from the former Prime Minister and said that it would have been better if Khan Sahib had apologized for making baseless allegations against others during his victory speech. ۔

I requested Khan Sahib that now you are going to be the Prime Minister, now all the institutions will be under your control so it is your responsibility to investigate the allegations against Jang Group and journalists and punish them if any evidence is found. Otherwise, I’m sorry to hear that.

Unfortunately, this did not happen. According to my information, the Prime Minister also directed the concerned departments to provide evidence on these allegations but nothing was found.

Now even Dr. Shahid Masood has confirmed that the allegation that Imran Khan and PTI kept repeating and making allegations against Sethi Sahib and Mir Sahib on the basis of it was fake news. Will the Prime Minister now apologize to Mir Sahib, Jang Group, and Najam Sethi Sahib? It is a matter of pride to do so.

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