There is only one way to do anything in life and that is “Let’s start”

He taught mathematics at Islamia University Bahawalpur. He was a tourist. He had traveled all over Europe and the United States. He lived a single life. No one was in front or behind. There was furniture in the room, they lived in it while all the other rooms were completely empty.

They used to smoke a lot. After lighting a cigarette, they would bring it close to their chest. They would close their eyes and then shake their head lightly in a state of ecstasy. I was in love with this phase for a few seconds giveme5.

Let’s start

Let's start

I used to help them burn and then wait for their heads to shake. They would shake their heads and I would laugh out loud. They would laugh and laugh like children. He was going to teach the class. He asked me the time and I jokingly told him ten minutes less.

He stood in the canteen and started smoking. He lay down. The next day he came looking for me. He put his hand on my shoulder and smiled. Your creditworthiness is gone forever, so who has suffered the most? “Yours or mine?” I stood up nervously.

If it is lost, then it will not be found again. “I apologized from the bottom of my heart and thus became friends with him. We used to meet every day, drink tea, and gossip. One day I told him, I want to see the world. I want to be Ibn Battuta and Marco Polo. What can I do? ”He laughed and said, I used to have a friend Rana Muhammad Shehzad who was employed on the highway.

He had a very tired motorbike. A professional in Communication Anyway, I took a motorbike from him and reached the house of Professor Sahib. He sat behind me and ordered me to go towards the river Sutlej. We reached the river.

Ordered to enter Hudood. I took him to Lodhran. He got off his motorbike. He looked towards Sutlej river and laughed. He said, “The world always starts with the neighbors. The day we leave our city and set foot in another city, our journey to become Marco Polo starts on that day.

I took you across the Sutlej river today.” “Crossing the ocean is your job now,” he paused and said, “There’s only one way to do anything in life and that is Let’s start ‘. Just start.’ It exploded inside me and my mind immediately became enlightened.

It was one of the early self-development lessons of my life. “Just start.” Reading the habits of 755 billionaire people, all of them have different business models, but one of these two thousand seven hundred and fifty-five people has one habit in common, and that is “Start.” Decided to work on the idea. These people got up the next morning without thinking and started working on their project and it worked out.

They all mentioned many such friends and teachers in their life stories more than young Intelligent, resourceful and hardworking but they lagged far behind in the race of life. There are also dropouts among these 2755 people.

Extremely successful when his classmates who were also intelligent and toppers were left behind in the race of life. Why? The question is, what was the difference between the two? The data shows that the most successful people in the world have a common habit and that is starting.

Failing people also have a common habit and that is “do not start”. Every failed person in the world keeps thinking. There is a difference and that is “Start” and if you want to be successful, you just have to start too. Ask what’s in your house? He says a cup and a blanket. He sells them both by asking for them and giving half of the money to him.

He gives food to the house and buys it with an ax. Happened in weeks Didn’t ask about the skill. He just ordered a quick start and this quick start put him on his feet in a few days. In our business sessions people often complain that we don’t have money for business and I I tell them money will come only if you do business and they laugh and ask “then what is the way to do business” I answer “just start”.

You may find this strange but, In fact, there is only one solution to every problem in the world and that is “Let’s start”. Just start and the problem starts to be solved. You want to read. Just start reading. You want to be smart. Start X-ray size, you want to be punctual, you just want to be punctual, you want to be respectful of people, you just have to be respectful, you just want to be in business Want to be ‘Acting’, ‘Writer’ or ‘Poet’, ‘Journalist’ or ‘Anchor’ or ‘If you want to get a job, there is only one solution, you just start.

Gonna Day and every step you take will take you closer to the destination. You will move towards success. There are hundreds of examples in my life in which people started working. May Allah bless their deeds and they Reached their goal. I had read the story of a Pakistani doctor. He was a medical student.

There was an accident and he was paralyzed for life. The young man refused to accept this medical advice. He used to lie on the bed every day and try to lift his paralyzed legs and failed but he did not give up and then one day one of his legs started moving. He continued to grow slowly until he got out of bed, stood on the floor, went to medical college, did MBBS, became a doctor, and distributed healing among hundreds of people.

He wrote a book called “Third Birth” and showed thousands of helpless Pakistanis a new way of life. A businessman came to me. He currently owns 145 stores in the country. My father found out, he went to the grain market, loaded sacks of sugar, rice, and flour in a carry-on box, our drawing-room was open to the street, my father put the sacks in the drawing-room, in the mosque of the neighborhood. “We’ve opened a grocery store.” The first customer came. Dad called me and stood in front of him and said, “Here’s your business.” I did not look back.

I also request you not to plan for what you want to do in life. Just get up and start. No obstacle in the world will be able to stop you. Also, keep in mind that only passengers reach the destination, and those who are waiting for the journey cannot cross the threshold of their house for the rest of their lives.

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