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They lived in Balkh. They kept horses and walked along the pastures. The chief’s name was Ertugrul. The tribe was traveling to Syria in the spring. Sardar Ertugrul watched the battle from the mountain for a while and then did not know what came to his heart. He decided to support the oppressed army. He gestured to his comrades and Ertugrul’s horses jumped into the field blowing dust and Began to fight on behalf of the oppressed.

They were only two hundred people. Two hundred people are enough in difficult times in wars. With their participation, the tide of war turned. The losing army turned into a lion with help. It turned out to be a battle between the Tatars and the Seljuks, and he helped the Seljuk Sultan Aladdin.

What is Ottoman Caliphate

It has been agreed that Ertugrul was a wise and brave man. He conquered the area to the left and right of Sagut and expanded his estate. Ertugrul built a small palace in Konya. Ertugrul died in 1288 and was succeeded by his son ‘Uthman. He also became the viceroy of the sultan. ‘He was killed by the Tatars, with which the Seljuk Empire came to an end.’

Uthman was liberated. ‘ His son R (and) Khan was very brave and shrewd. He kept fighting with his father until they both won the year. The empire that the world calls the Ottoman Caliphate or the Ottoman Empire was founded.

By the time of the victory of the year, Usman Ghazi was old. He reached outside the city. He got down from his horse and sat down under a big banyan tree. His son Orkhan also came down from the horse. Attracted and declared, “I consider Usman Ghazi to be the Sultan and we are laying the foundation of the Ottoman Empire in his name.” Until 1517, the empire and the king remained sultans.

When Sultan Saleem I came, he changed the name of the kingdom to Khilafah and the title of Sultan to Khalifa in 1517, and then it remained Khilafah till 1922. The banyan tree under which Sultan Usman Ghazi took oath is still there and I It has been agreed to go there too. Usman Ghazi also died in Barsa. He was buried in the same city and after him, all the Ottoman sultans were buried around him till 1453. I also had the opportunity to go to this graveyard and recite Fatiha.

It remained the capital of the Ottoman Empire until 1363. The Ottomans conquered Adrian in 1362 and made it their capital, and then when Constantinople (Istanbul) was conquered in 1453, it remained the capital of the Ottoman Empire until 1922. We stop this story here and come to Amir Timur. Amir Timur belonged to the Barlas tribe and Barlas was a tribe of Mongols, ie Tartars. Cash was a villager.

Timur later settled in the city of Sabz near Kesh. Allah also gave me the ability to see the city of Sabz, Qarshi, and Kesh. Timur called himself Mughal. He kept calling Genghis Khan his father all his life He also built a minaret of skulls. He married Bibi Khanum, a woman of Genghis Khan’s family, to make his descendants Najib al-Tarfeen Mongols or Mughals. In Tatar and Uzbek, the son-in-law was called “Gurgan”. So Amir Teymour also called himself Gurgan, the son-in-law of Genghis Khan.

I have read Amir Teymour’s biography seventeen times and have visited Uzbekistan 13 times. It was Barlas and Barlas was Tatar, Mongol or Genghis Khan and later called Uzbek because of Uzbekistan and after the arrival of Zaheer-ud-Din Babar in India they became Mughals from Mongols but it is a fact that many people of Timurid descent But these marriages also took place with Iranian, Afghan and Arab women, but we cannot call the Timurid race Iranian, Arabic or Turkish on the basis of these marriages.

Amir Timur, of course, had conquered the Ottoman Empire. Amir Timur had fought with the fourth Ottoman Sultan Bayezid Yildirim in Angora (Ankara) in 1402. This battle was won by Amir Timur and Bayazid Yildirim and his son Muhammad I were captured. Instead of killing them, Amir Teymour took them, hostage, forever. He kept them with him at all times and presented them to the guests as a sign in the court. Could do

He began to die less and less until his last hour came and he kissed the hand of Amir Timur and made two requests. Second, return the Ottoman Empire to my son Muhammad so that the lamp of Usman Ghazi may burn Timur was happy that day. He said yes on both conditions. Yildirim died in 1403 near “A City”. With Timur’s permission, his body was taken to Barsa and buried with Orkhan.

I have also recited the Fatiha on his grave. After Yildirim, with the permission of Timur, Muhammad I became the Sultan of the Ottoman Empire, so we can say that Amir Timur was not a Turk. He was an enemy of the Turks and the Ottomans. There was also a general or king who conquered the Ottoman Empire and built towers for the skulls of the Turks. ۔

It is also a fact that India has never been a part of the Ottoman Caliphate at any time in its entire history. For the first time in history, this feat was performed by Prime Minister Imran Khan on February 14, 2020, in the presence of Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan. Surprised and I pay tribute to my Prime Minister for this great deed. Prime Minister Imran Khan is a wonderful person, he knows everything in the world, every knowledge, he also understands Islam.

They also know the state of Madinah better than the people of Madinah. They also know that nowhere in history is there any mention of Jesus. They also give guidance to Allah Almighty. They also accept responsibility for training the Taliban. They also give advice to the World Bank and the IMF. They are also experts in Sikhism. Finally, it is known that India was part of the Ottoman Caliphate for six hundred years and was ruled by Turkey.

So the danger is that the speed at which they are moving will one day announce that the moon also broke from Mianwali and went into space and we will soon import wheat, sugar, and gas from Mars. And geographers have passed, but the understanding of geography and history that Allah Almighty has given to our Prime Minister has not been shared by anyone till today. Coins, on the other hand, surprise the whole world by saying something every day.

I am in danger that one day they will make Imam Mahdi appear from Bani Gala and his followers will start wah-wah on social media. They will claim, “We did not say that the captain will surprise the whole world.” Now, look at what he has done.

What is happening and what are we doing and is there no one in the country to explain and explain? Fear God, you give them history classes and if that is not possible then you bring them in a written speech otherwise we will never be able to do it otherwise we will become a joke all over the world so fear God Do it before the wrath of God awakens.

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