Ottoman Caliphate

The original founder of the Ottoman Caliphate was Ertugrul’s grandson and Usman Ghazi’s son Orkhan. The Turks also call him Arkhan. He used to tell the stories of his youth campaigns. He used to draw a map of the world with his sword on the earth. “If you can’t do that, you can bring your sons to my grave and tell them. There’s a sleeping man here I had a dream giveme5.

Orkhan put it this way: “Ertugrul died in 1288. Orkhan was seven years old at that time.” Together with Ghazi, he continued to conquer the forts on the right and left of Sughut. In 1300, the four largest kingdoms in the region fell.

Who is Ertugrul Ghazi?

The Mongol storm was also confined to China. There was nothing in Asia Minor except the ruined forts, the dusty cities, the crumbling palaces, and the lamentations of the past, but you see the miracle of nature. Two new powers emerged in the era: Amir Timur was born in Uzbekistan and Ertugrul’s family began to rise in Turkey.

There is not much difference between the times of Amir Timur and Arkhan. Angora (Ankara) was defeated. These two powers emerged in crisis and became history as soon as they saw it. After the death of these Ghazis, Annan came to power. The Ottoman Empire at that time started from Sughut and ended at Bursa after a hundred kilometers. And created a bureaucratic system.

It was Orkhan who wrote the story of his grandfather Ertugrul and issued a coin in his name. I will tell you this in the following columns. The Ertugrul family decided that they would not interfere with the Islamic world. Their focus would be the Byzantine state, so they would only attack their forts. ‘Conquer the forts of Izmit and Karasi’

Nicosia is now the capital of Cyprus, while Nicomedia was a Greek city. Both cities were important and large in the fourteenth century. Orkhan also conquered it. He also took Anatolia and then turned to present-day Turkmenistan and took control of a significant part of it. I gave

He was the first Turkish sultan to conquer Gallipoli and Ankara. He also created his own model of governance. He gave flags of different colors. Because of these flags, his districts were called Sanjak. The army also became stronger and the people became happier.

He built numerous mosques, madrassas, and caravanserais and was the first ruler of Asia Minor to establish a university in Bursa. He ruled for 30 years, he was on the battlefield for 24 of those 30 years, he had a record of not losing a single war, he conquered Bulgaria, Serbia, and Macedonia, his last war was in Kosovo and the whole. The armies of Europe came together to take the field, but it also crushed this joint army.

He died of his injuries during the Kosovo War in 1389. News of Murad I’s death spread throughout Europe and bells rang in all churches. Murad, I multiplied the Ottoman Empire by five times. You will be amazed to know that despite the conquests of four generations, until the death of Murad I, the Ottoman Empire covered only 20,000 square kilometers and this area was less than today’s Rawalpindi division. This was the Ottoman Empire after four generations. Ottoman Empire

This proves the fact that states do not build in a day. Four generations are lost to their foundations. You travel from Iran to Vienna. You will find a graveyard and in this graveyard, you will find some or the other Turgat, some Abdul Rahim, some Samsa, and some Bamsi. There are Turkish cemeteries on the outskirts of Vienna and up to the hills of Budapest, The testimony is written.

The blood and bones of generations are spent in making states into states and then the states rise up and then their flags are waved among the nations of the world. In the veins of the Ottoman Caliphate also 18 generations of Ertugrul and 36 Sultans Blood was added and then somewhere Ertugrul reached today’s generation. “Turks are only Turks,” said Napoleon Bonaparte, who spoke well of Ertugrul’s lineage. Are

Ertugrul’s race not only excelled in swords and horses but also gave the world the modern art of bureaucracy, architecture, lifestyle, and military formation. The Ottoman sultans adopted Christian children from Eastern Europe. They were given higher education and when they grew up they were included in the bureaucracy. These children were free from the compulsions of their relatives so that they were free from corruption for the rest of their lives.

A self-proclaimed detachment of the Turkish army was called “Yeni Cheri”. These people only went to the battlefield to die, so they never came back defeated. The rebels would take off the heads of the princes and grab the weak and corrupt king by the ears and remove him from the throne. Will sit

You will not be able to get out of its courtyard and the rest of the lifestyle is enough, be it cigarettes, paper, rifle, boots, commode, or hair color, you will find the Ottoman Empire and the Turks behind them. All of these things were invented in Europe, but they were made and marketed by the Turks. I have been to Turkey dozens of times, but believe me, I come back more impressed each time than before. This country amazes me every time.

You see the bounty of nature. Ertugrul had no place to pitch a tent or a horse, but then came a time in his generation when he ruled over three continents. Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, and Syria to Egypt Then it makes the descendants of the shepherds the crown of the nations.

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