There is no value in talent

The biggest reason for my failure is that no one flatters me. Although I am an eighth-grader, when my uncles hired me to be a journalist in a newspaper, I worked hard. For example, I used to write the envelope as “Falafa” and the signature as “Dakst”.

If I didn’t understand the text of the news that was given to me to make news, I would make news myself according to my understanding. Being a poor and compelled person, I used to take three or four vacations a week, but as I said, I did not flatter anyone, that was my only fault, which caused me to fall a month later.

Fired I am a poet The other day I said a poem: “You are my life; I will always love you even if I die.” After hearing this poem, I was told that it is weightless. Only God knows what happened to my heart, how can an orphan and helpless servant pay attention to weight when writing a good poem, anyway in poetry the idea of ​​weight is important, but no one pays attention to my poem Of This poem is not hidden in the literary page of any newspaper, nor is it found.

Obviously, this is what happens to me when I can’t flatter anyone. I want to be a TV anchor, I auditioned two or three times but I was told. You get stuck talking too much so practice. I did not give up and practiced well for two months.

When I auditioned again, they said why do you look at the ground instead of looking at the camera? I explained to them that I had a problem with my eyes and could not see the light properly. Can’t the anchorperson program by looking at the ground anyway? They needed an excuse, they fired me immediately. However, the real reason was that I did not flatter anyone.

Every failed servant in Pakistan has this contrived answer. They believe that all the successful people in the world are successful only on the basis of flattery and failures are only for those who are unfamiliar with the art of flattery. They interpret it only through their hard work.

You try and see, two servants, one of whom will go ahead in the race of life, the other will say about it that this is the perfection of all flattery. It is very easy to justify failure, it does not burden your heart, all the responsibility is placed on the head of the next and it is decided that we ourselves are very talented and sharp, just because we do not flatter.

If you are a good contractor but very slow then obviously all your talent will be wasted. Similarly, if you are a very good software engineer but never do anyone’s work on time, then this world will not sacrifice you for one aspect of your talent. Talent alone is not something, it has a lot to do with it. When it comes down to it, it adds value. Usually, unsuccessful talented people have skills but they are deprived of other accessories.

They want all other shortcomings to be overlooked in the light of their talent. Would you like to have a talented accountant who comes on duty two days a week?

Talent is very valuable but just an example of talent is like buying a very good refrigerator but not turning it on. Well, the amount of talent in people who fail is very low, but the biggest reason for the failure of people who have this quality is themselves. In the market near my house, a gentleman makes very good yoghurt, his shop is famous all over the area, but his shop is closed for more than half a day. Most people do not go to their store for fear that it will be closed.

There are many people who are not very talented but are so regular in the work that they have reached where they are due to their one and the same feature. If so, what is the fault of anyone? People, who complain that their talent is not valued, must first think for an hour and a half that what they consider talent is talent or not?

It is no less a disease to consider one’s work as a talent than just the opinion of the family and the applause of the neighbors. If someone has talent, there is no need to say anything, the world will speak for itself. You don’t have to argue for yourself.

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