Young people are a valuable asset to the nation

Young people are the future of the country and the nation. They are the architects of the nation. In any nation, young people are considered a valuable asset of the nation. Addressing the young students during the program, he said, “I am not as young as you, but your enthusiasm has kept me alive.

Your company has made me strong.” The young man mentally and physically. They are stronger than the rest of the age groups. They are full of courage and passion. It is their virtue to face difficult situations with young men. The guarantee of development of any nation lies in the young generation. There can be no obstacle in the way of development of the country, for which the youth are hardworking and responsible giveme5.

All over the world, young people are considered the backbone of the nation. The right path is the guarantee of the strength of the youth. The only nations in the world are developing whose youth are moving in the right direction. Pakistan is a country with the largest population of youth.

According to conservative estimates, 60% of the Pakistani population consists of youth. There is no shortage of talent and intelligence in Pakistani youth, that is why many make the country famous at the international level.

Our youth have all the qualities that are considered special to the youth. They have courage, passion, they are capable, they are intelligent, they are brave, and they are also hardworking. “According to Article 25A of the Constitution of Pakistan, the state is bound to provide free education to every citizen up to matriculation.” But here the system is reversed, the state is unable to fulfill its responsibilities. The monopoly of the private sector has exposed the weakness of the education system with arbitrary curricula and arbitrary fees.

Education for the poor is one of the impossibilities. Even if a poor person gets quality education in this difficult phase The next difficult step is to get a job. What should the poor do in this culture of corruption and recommendation? Should they sell their property and get a job? The biggest problem is unemployment.

The lack of education and skills has been going on for years and it is also declining. But unemployment is on the rise. Even after getting the degree, the youth remains where he was before he got the degree. Instead of providing facilities, they are using them for their own political interests. If a policy is made for the youth, then the conditions are so difficult that the youth cannot benefit from it. On the contrary, the darlings of politicians take full advantage of it. Look at the tricks of political parties, nurture their party workers under their schemes.

In such difficult circumstances, the compelled youth are turning to evils. The roots of the country are being hollowed out. Society is being covered with the veil of evil day by day in this conflict. According to the international report, every sixth of Pakistani is unemployed. Selling, destroying.

Today our doctors and engineers like diamonds are becoming the adornment of other countries like other precious things. Because we do not know how to carve the minerals given by our Lord and the blessings like youth, do not polish them.

Can I ask my own youth to vote in the next election keeping in view the performance of these powerful rulers? We are a Muslim nation. We have to learn from the history of Islam and do something ourselves. Hazrat Ibrahim broke the idol in his youth.

He rejected the call of sin in his youth and preferred the path of faith. Tariq ibn Ziyad, Muhammad ibn Qasim, Abdul Rahman I, Ahmad Shah Abdali, and Shahabuddin Ghauri. It was the youth who sacrificed their lives for the supremacy of the Qur’an and Sunnah and for the restoration and survival of society.
We have to do something for the survival of our country. Pledge to be accountable and add a conscious youth to the society.

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