Mazhar Shah’s rise

By the way, the work we do requires either great courage or stupidity. The wise say that the difference between a fool and a brave man is only to the extent of the letters, otherwise, they are two sides of the same coin giveme5.

A long time ago, I watched a video clip of famous Indian athlete Milkha Singh. Milkha Singh was from our Seraiki area of ​​Kot Addu. He died at the age of 90 just a few weeks ago. He was India’s fastest athlete and won many world championships.

The film made in India, in which Farhan Akhtar played the role of Milkha Singh, is related to watching. In a clip, Milkha Singh was talking to reporters saying that there are two or three secrets of his longevity. They run or jog for many kilometers every day to stay healthy.

They avoid taking medicine and most importantly they control their tongue. At this point, I stopped because I thought maybe Milkha Singh was saying that about Mavericks like me because maybe we don’t control our language either.

This statement of Malkha Singh applies to us Pakistanis at this time that a servant should speak less for good health and good life. This applies not only to human beings but also to states and countries. The United States was the biggest hitter and everyone is watching what is happening with it.

On the other hand, look at China, which is a superpower at the moment. But you have seldom heard its leaders clapping. By the way, no one knows better than a cricketer what well-left means. I once asked Dr. Zafar Altaf, “Sir, you often use a wheel lift.

What does it mean or purpose?” Dr. Sahib himself was a cricketer. He said seriously: This is a term of cricket. Sometimes a fast bowler delivers so beautifully that he can bowl you out. Not every ball is a player.

If you play, you will get straight out. So a good batsman knows that it is good not playing this ball and he wisely lets the wicket-keeper go instead of hitting the ball. While we pay tribute to the fast bowler’s hair, we also appreciate the batsman’s wisdom that he did a left lift. The question is who would understand a better-left lift term than Imran Khan. So why don’t they sometimes act in global or local politics?

Everyone knew that the demise of the international forces in Afghanistan and the conditions under which the American forces had to withdraw would not be so easily digested. The ego of the great powers is also great.

No one accepts their defeat. Therefore, the circumstances under which the United States had to leave Afghanistan shocked the whole world. An aggressive debate arose in the United States itself as to who was responsible for this humiliation. All fingers point towards Pakistan. At a time when America was licking its wounds, our rulers started playing weddings to see what it was all about.

The Prime Minister of the country took the initiative in this matter and delivered many speeches which were certainly appreciated by the people of Pakistan. The people are emotional. Leadership should not be. But Khan even said that Afghanistan has broken the chains of slavery.

Interestingly, among those who, according to Imran Khan, had enslaved Afghans for 20 years, Hamid Karzai and Ashraf Ghani were at the forefront. That we kept winning them in true and false elections. Both of them were called to Pakistan each time and given a guard of honor. Pakistani rulers, including Khan and his predecessors, also paid regular visits to Kabul. All our military chiefs also used to visit Kabul, but Pakistan had offered that we are ready to give the Afghan forces a cot.

Now all of a sudden we changed our side. If the whole world had any doubt, we turned it into the belief that we are the godfather of the Taliban. Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid wondered why he was left behind. He made a statement in Saleem Safi’s program that Taliban families live in Bara Kahu on the outskirts of Islamabad.

Although Quetta Shura used to be world-famous, the picture of DG ISI drinking a cup of tea in Kabul completed the task. He is now the spokesman for the Afghan Taliban. It has become our national duty to defend their good and bad deeds. Seeing the rulers, the media, anchors, and intellectuals are also engaged in this work. The lobby is active in the United States against Pakistan. Of course, he, along with the US senators, has now introduced a bill in the parliament calling for an inquiry and sanctions against Pakistan.

Give credit to the Americans for opening a Taliban office in Qatar. After asking Pakistan, the Taliban leaders were released and taken to Qatar, with whom they negotiated and reached an agreement. Now they are saying that all this was done by Pakistan.

Maybe our nation will say that we are not afraid of any ban. It is very easy to say. A FATF has brought us to our knees. The dollar is skyrocketing at the moment. Petrol, gas, and electricity prices have hit people hard. Inflation has caused an outcry.

At present wheat, sugar, flour, pulses are all being imported and I have heard that everything is going to Afghanistan. We are spending all our dollars and sending it to Afghanistan. We are not earning as many dollars from exports by devaluing our rupee as we are currently spending every month on buying wheat and sugar from abroad and everything is happening for Afghanistan.

Start it now Aat is. What we earn now will be bought in dollars from abroad to feed Afghanistan. The dollar shortage will increase and the rupee will continue to fall. To raise money, we will continue to raise gas, electricity, and petrol and diesel prices and the nation will be happy that the United States has been defeated.

Our rulers will continue to take credit for America’s defeat, although there are times when it is better to remain silent. happens. Well, left is the right option, but what can we do? We can’t sleep until the people of this region grow up. After all, Mazhar Shah was not so famous in Punjabi films. No film would have been a hit without Mazhar Shah’s rise. Mazhar Shah has now been replaced by our new political actors, whose echoes are now being heard in the US Congress.

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