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My name is Ehsanullah and I belong to the small village of Karyali in Sarai Alamgir Tehsil of Gujarat. My village is located at a distance of three kilometers from the city giveme5. I am writing in my confession, ‘I request you to read this letter of mine and also to read it to the people.’

Matriculated from the village school, did three years associate diploma from Jhelum Technical College, and then did B.Tech in Mechanical from Islamabad. I entered the university. “I came to the United States five years ago. I got married here. She gave birth to two children. Praise be to God, I got a good job and now I am studying along with my job.”

“This was my introduction. Now I come to the purpose of the letter. What I learned in five years in the United States, I have not learned in 21 years in Pakistan, and I think if I had lived in Gujarat or Islamabad, maybe I couldn’t even learn in the next 21 years.

I first learned to keep myself and my environment clean in the United States. How to stand in line and wait for your turn and how to respect a sweeper There is no difference between a company owner and an employee and what are the rights of labor etc. etc. I also learned here that there is no age limit for going to college in America.

This was completely new to me. Like girls and boys come to a class wearing their own clothes and sit in the same class and no one cares, ‘less food is health, more food is a disease’, I also learned this He started praying. He went to the washroom one day to perform ablutions at work and started ablutions. There were other people around.

I didn’t know how to wash my feet in the washbasin. It’s very rude. As soon as I started washing my feet, the people in the washroom immediately left everything and stood away and looked at me in amazement. An African American scolded me and said to his colleague, ‘Someone He was not even taught to distinguish, his feet are not washed in the washbasin. Look, he is spreading filth here and he has water everywhere.

His voice was reaching my ears. I got angry, but then I thought it wasn’t wrong. I shouldn’t have washed my feet in the washbasin. The next day I apologized to the man and admitted my ignorance and irrationality. So others can do it too. So I told this story to every Muslim in my company and advised him not to wash his feet in the washbasin during ablution.

This is considered rude in America. So I did my duty and He also promised the next precaution. The other thing I liked was the Garbage Duty Truck. Every Monday and Thursday, people put all their garbage in big bags outside the house and every morning around six o’clock the truckers come and pick up the garbage. Every Sunday another truck arrives which is just plastic. And it carries recycled items. “There is a separate plastic and recycled box that is blue.”

“I liked it very much and I thought it should be in a small village like ours. We are six cousins. We all live in the same house in New York.” They started beating hands and feet to increase it. I came to Pakistan in January 2020.

Gathered all the friends in the villages and shared my idea with them. Everyone liked my idea. We then called the village teachers and enumerators. I met him and laid the foundation stone of society in the villages. Its name is Sawira Welfare Society.

The number of members is 30 and all are working for the sake of Allah. It has nothing to do with the party. We, three cousins, ​​took a rickshaw or a loader and handed it over to society. The society hired two people and started providing services to the villages. Rs. 200 per month from each house It was decided that the society had to cover the expenses of the loader and the salaries of the employees with this amount.

There are 600 houses in the villages but only 150 of them were willing to pay Rs. Look, after three months, these 150 houses became 60. 540 houses in the villages were not even ready to pay Rs. 200 per month. A meeting was held again and the society decided that the expenses were not being met. I was forced to take this responsibility when I got the news in New York.

I took responsibility for both the drivers. It is 40 thousand rupees and thank God this process is going on. We have another loader. We have also arranged money for him. He will also start the service soon. More wealthy and expatriates are now joining the society. We are now expanding the society and starting other welfare work.

For example, we have started the construction of the funeral home and the walls of the cemetery and the provision of rations to 200 deserving families in the month of Ramadan, the marriage of poor girls, and the delivery of medicine to the sick. There are suggestions, I am working on them. A ‘poor people and yat To build two-room apartments for the Yamus, to teach the children who come to the mosque to read the Qur’an as well as ethics and theology. Believe me, I was once sitting in the house of a gentleman in America. We started talking about religion.

Someone talked about a Companion and he forgot the name of that Companion. A seven-year-old boy was sitting there. He immediately reminded the man of the name of the Companion. I was very curious because I did not know this name even at the age of 29.

How did this seven-year-old child know this in America? I asked the child some more questions, including the duties of ablution, ghusl, and prayers. The child gave me the correct answer to each question. I asked him, “Who taught you this?” He said he goes to the mosque on Saturdays (which is called Saturday School here) for only two hours. He learned all this from there. I went to the mosque that week and saw three teachers.

The second is worship and the third is ethics and they have made books in English regularly and they also have regular exams and this is what every child has to pass. You can be sure that fifty of what was being taught in this book Percent was new to me I will teach my children in the mosque.

In our country, children go to the mosque for one and a half hours every morning, but they cannot learn what the children in the United States learn only once or twice a week in the mosque. This is because there is no system in Pakistan.

Maybe there are no guidelines in our country that our scholars should follow. People if they get out of sectarianism. If we think together, it will be possible in Pakistan and our children will not come to these countries tomorrow and cause disgrace, but what to do? But God willing, one day we will all agree on Islam. ” I listen to the videos of Dr. Javed Iqbal. Dr. Sahib made a point in front of the Prime Minister.

e can train the people through scholars and religious institutions, but unfortunately, the Prime Minister called all the scholars in a meeting and He had said the same thing and sent everyone back. May God help us all to serve the people. If you have time, you will definitely go to the office of the society and guide them.

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