God Willing

A friend of mine hired an employee at his camp in Gujarat. He came from a poor village in FATA and was unfamiliar with both the Punjabi language and Punjabi traditions giveme5. He came to his employer after a month’s work and said “Sir, I am very surprised at one thing,” our friend asked. “Why what happened?” He said shyly. ‘How can it be?”

Khan was embarrassed for a while and then said, “Maulvi Sahib announces your mosque on the speaker every day. Reza-e-Ilahi is dead. Reza-e-Ilahi dies in your village. Why does Reza-e-Ilahi die every day in your village?” But then he stopped and said to his friend, “Even in our Pakistan, the pleasures of God are dying every day.” My friend found my words strange.

God Willing

God Willing

I am sure you will find my words strange like my friend but believe me all the virtues in our society are dying one by one like the pleasure of God while the evils are giving birth every day. Take a look at the level of decline.

A few clips came out regarding Mohammad Zubair and as soon as they saw it, it became a top trend and the whole country started giggling. No-one stopped anyone. She may also have grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

Time will tell whether the clips are right or wrong, but the disrespect and humiliation of this person we did today. What is the justification for making memes or disrespecting Maryam Nawaz through memes? The reward of sin or heaven and hell will be decided by Allah Almighty on the Day of Judgment. will have?

There is an incident in the history books about Hazrat Umar. Although this incident is not authentic, it is still noteworthy. Hazrat Umar was patrolling at night with Hazrat Ibn Masood. The voice came. He peeked through the door and saw an old man inside.

There was alcohol in front of him and the singing girl was singing. He climbed the back wall of his house and reached the old man’s head.

The old man was frightened when he saw Amir al-mu’minin in front of him. He said, “The limit will be imposed on you.” The old man thought for a while and then said, “O Amir al-mu’minin! I disobeyed Allah Almighty only once but he made three mistakes.

”Umar said,“ Who are they? ”He said,“ You are curious. ”Allah Almighty forbade him. He entered from behind the house. Allah Almighty forbade him and the third mistake was that he came to my house without permission while Allah Almighty forbade him to enter the houses of others without permission. He said, “You have told the truth. Will you forgive me?” The old man replied, “May Allah forgive you.”

The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) used to say over and over that death is for life if Allaah does not forgive. He used to say to himself, “You know that a man wants to hide such a situation from his family and he will now think that Amir al-mu’minin saw me.” The old man was ashamed for a long time after this incident. He did not come to your meeting.

After a long time, he thought that Amir al-mu’minin must have forgotten this incident, so one day he came to his meeting. When he approached him in fear, he said in his ear, “I did not mention the incident of that day to anyone, not even to my companion.” The old man replied, “I swear by the Commander of the Faithful.” I have not touched alcohol since that day. “I have repented.”

We were this and what have we become today after the demise of Reza-e-Ilahi? You continue to disguise other people and then continue to defame them all over the world. Those who comment on these clips on social media must also be held accountable, otherwise, this society will not be able to survive.

If we analyze the last three years, we have to admit that all the crimes of the government, all the mistakes aside, but the number of murders in this era is as high as the truth and morality, it doesn’t matter. Or the truth will be difficult to decide. Debts were cursed till 2018. An increase in the value of petrol, gas and dollar means “Prime Minister is a thief”. Rupees used to increase. Foreign players of PSL were cut off.

Insecurity, matches with Zimbabwe, Sri Lanka, and the West Indies were under curfew and Imran Khan could have held the matches in Iraq as well. There was decline and destruction, the chairman of NAB was a personal servant and slave, the IMF was tantamount to suicide, the bill to reduce electricity rates was burned and the transfer of officers was the cause of the decline of bureaucracy but today all of the past Sins have become a reward.

Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) on September 27 issued an order from the UK’s NCA (National Crime Agency).

Released and these people are claiming that the NCA has cleared the assets of Mian Shahbaz Sharif’s family for 20 years after 21 months of investigation. This claim may be wrong but this fact is in place. The NAB and the East Recovery Unit (ARU) also had to bear the brunt of the historic humiliation, but instead of squabbling under its four legs, the government is turning it into something like “something is up to you.”

The government should have asked this to ARU. You had told the NCA in December 2019 with evidence that Shahbaz Sharif had deposited money in Sulaiman Shahbaz’s accounts through papads, faludas, and Chinese people. The housing scheme and power plants were “bribed” ARU had also given evidence to the NCA but it could not satisfy the British agency in 21 months and thus the frozen accounts of Suleiman Shahbaz and Zulfiqar Ahmed were restored. ۔

Instead of reforming itself, the government is not ready to accept the NCA’s order and the ministers are giving arguments. This decision is not an order. Why did the PML-N issue the September 10 decision on September 27? Shahbaz Sharif’s name is not in the verdict and this investigation was only about a transaction of a bank, etc., etc.

All these justifications are just like a Lucknow banker chewing betel after being abused said, “We are not abused. Because the abuser did not insist on his sister. Someone asked him, “Mr. Shahbaz Sharif’s name is in the decision or not.”

Leave it at that, you just tell me whether ARU did not write a letter to NCA on December 11, 2019, and whether the government did not prove in this letter that there is the money of Shahbaz Sharif’s corruption in the accounts of Suleiman Shahbaz and The Sharif family is a corrupt political family.

They are involved in money laundering, corruption, and looting and cases are pending against them in Pakistan. Why did the government not prove its allegations in the NCA in 21 months? Couldn’t? The government should give an account of it.

The government will not do this. It will never admit its mistake. Why? Because the pleasure of truth has passed away in this country. Now there is the only competition of lies and whoever lies more arrogantly wins and the lesser liar loses. So come and please God. Please

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