People do not pay taxes

Did you know that you are one of the citizens of the world who pay the most taxes to their state ie from their people, Pakistan is one of the top tax collecting countries in the world but regularly The plan was to make it known that you do not pay taxes and only 4% of the people pay taxes.

People do not pay taxes

Because if you know the fact that your blood is being sucked and you are being exploited financially, you will stand up for your basic needs and rights and the luxuries of the Establishment will stop. Are carried out in the name of national security and have been going on for a long time.

Who is responsible for the destruction of the country?

As in the days of the first kings, in the name of peace and protection of the citizens, most of the taxes were spent on increasing the military power to save the glory of the palaces and the princes of the empire and the kingdom.

Every citizen of Pakistan is constantly paying monthly or annual taxes to the governments in one form or another. Politicians must disclose their assets in official statements. They must also show their income tax returns. But, judges, bureaucrats, and generals. They are free from this good deed and even raising such a question falls under the category of hostility to the country.

The FBR and the Income Tax Department can run their business on an ordinary businessman or shopkeeper, but there is a long way to go before the said elite.

Taxes apply to everything from newborn milk to normal food and drink. Different types of taxes are levied on water, needle gas, electricity, and telephone herbs. Petrol and its products are also taxed at double the actual price which every Pakistani has to pay.

The Pakistani nation is paying taxes on everything from cooking oil and matchboxes to medicines, toothpaste, books, mobile phones, their balance cards, cars, houses, plots. In short, oxygen Apart from air, 22 crore people of the country are paying taxes on everything. Different forms of Texas are arranged.

For example, income tax, wealth tax, property tax, excise tax, general sales tax, payroll tax, value-added tax, capital gains tax, IPS tax, television tax, Neelum Jhelum surcharge tax, various types of surcharges and electricity bills, etc.

… In other words, you are paying direct or indirect taxes to the government in one form or another. Are In a nutshell, a Pakistani pays a total tax of Rs. 38 on a purchase of Rs. According to a recent report by the Auditor General of New Pakistan, Rs 404 billion has been embezzled in various departments and institutions during the government’s tenure this year alone.

While it is not difficult to gauge the rest of the situation regarding the looting of government and financial corruption, let these puppets step down from power once and then you will hear the great stories of mega-corruption that are common.

The man will find it unbelievable. On the other hand, the external debt of the country has exceeded 6 116309 million, which is also being relied upon to repay the installments, but if asked about the debt, where and in what terms it is being spent, national security Obstacles arise and the state of “national security” is such that the people of Pakistan do not have access to clean drinking water.

While the prices of daily necessities and utility bills are now being set by the IMF itself. In the name of this poor and subjugated nation’s taxes are taken 24 hundred billion rupees annually in the name of their protection but then it is said that the people do not pay taxes.

Rising inflation, unemployment, and the unavailability of basic rights and necessities of the people are the main reasons for this oppression.

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