Humans are basically the slowest living creatures

I was on my way to the Netherlands from Belgium ten or eleven years ago today. On the way, there was a beautiful town called Delft. We were two people. We stopped there at noon. There were old narrow stone streets around the town hall and there were small restaurants in them.

We thought there would be a boom in the town but on that day there was a world of ‘streets’, bazaars, restaurants, and shopping centers. The whole town was deserted and desolate. “We stared at the city wall in amazement, but we didn’t understand what was going on.” We arrived at the tourist information office as soon as we arrived. ” ۔

He looked at us helplessly and asked, “Yes, what is it?” We asked him, “What happened to the city?” People can’t see. ”He looked at us intently and shouted,“ Nick Sun ”and dropped his head on his chest and closed his eyes. We both looked at each other. He turned to the old man and He asked, “What is Nick Sun?” The old man listened to him and kept his head down. We tried two or three times but to no avail.

We cursed Baba and left the office. Public transport was closed. Taxis and private cars were not running. Shops were closed and doors were closed. They were not coming. The situation was amazing for us. We could see the city of Hiroshima, so we went to The Hague in despair.

On the way, there was a boom. “We stopped at a roadside restaurant and asked the waiter about Dale Fit’s situation.” What does Nick Sun mean? He smiled. He put corn under his ear and posed like Allama Iqbal. He said, “Donating.” Our surprise increased. “We have a deal with our manager and she will tell us about Nick Sun and we will pay for her coffee.

The woman sat down in front of us and began to say, “Nick Sun in Dutch means ‘do nothing.’ There is an old tradition in our country. When we get tired physically, mentally, and spiritually, we go to Nick Sun for the day, we don’t do anything that day, we don’t brush our teeth, we don’t clean our mouths and hair, we don’t cook, we don’t go to the market, we don’t go to the office or workplace, we don’t do walks and sports. They don’t listen to vision and radio, they don’t touch the phone, they don’t read books, they don’t look at the clock, they don’t take care of their dogs and cats, they don’t even remove the curtains.

We just lie down all day like bulls or fat cows. When we get tired, we get up from one place and go to another place and lie down. We lie down in the sun. They stay asleep, they don’t even order food, they eat whatever is in the kitchen and sometimes they stop eating and drinking for a day and a half, they don’t even repeat the straw. ”She became silent.

We asked in amazement, “What’s the use of that?” She laughed and said, “Our batteries get charged.” We listened quietly. We are always hungry. The economic race is a frightening race. It is eating away at our nerves, but we are also exhausting ourselves unnecessarily.

Our social scientists estimate that we humans do an average of 10,000 movements a day. From moving our eyelids in the morning to lying in bed at night pulling a blanket, we are busy for 19 hours, while nature allows us to do a maximum of 3,000 movements. We, humans, are basically the slowest living creatures in the world. It takes a human baby two and a half years to learn how to walk, eat, drink and talk, while babies of all other living beings take a day or two to be born. Then take care of yourself.

The puppy becomes “independent” in a month. It also finds its own food and protects itself from car tires, while we human children take two and a half years to understand our environment. “We’re basically lazy creatures so too much activity makes us tired and we get bored,” our social scientists told us. “Animals don’t sleep when they’re bored or tired.”

They sit in the corner and keep yelling, ‘They don’t do anything, they listen to Nick, so even humans should listen to Nick after boredom and fatigue, and we do this, ‘We don’t do anything all day on Nick’s day.’ They lie in silence. She became silent.

My colleague asked him, “Is this a new concept?” He laughed and replied, “Absolutely not. This is a method that is thousands or even millions of years old. You remember.

What did your elders do after harvesting?” used to? Didn’t they lie down for two or three days and did people not stay in the room for two or three days after returning from the voyage? On Saturdays, Nick lived in the sun, lying on the lawn in the garden or on the roof, and when he was well restored, he would start work again.

In our life, mechanization has come again, industries have started and man has become busy. Today, even if we are not doing anything, we are ten.

Thousands work, you get up one morning and start counting your work, you will be amazed to see your busyness till night, we, unfortunately, consider a person in the economic race busy From nine o’clock to five o’clock in the office, in the factory or in the shop, when we are all really busy, is it not busy to run after the bus?

Isn’t removing the curtains, cleaning the washroom, washing the windows, watering the plants, walking the dog, walking, cooking, cleaning the shoes, putting the clothes in the sun, or shopping busy? It also makes a person bored and disgusted. So what should a person do to keep himself well? He should do Nick Sun or Do Nothing. You should not do anything like a bull. Just close your eyes quietly. Lie down. This condition is as important as oxygen in human life. It puts us back on our feet. “She fell silent again.

I asked him, “Do you listen to Nick collectively?” He laughed. “We used to listen to Nick individually in the beginning.” He used to go to Nick Sun. When we found out about his virtues, we started to hear Nick Sun in the form of groups in the country. The municipal committees of the city make nick sun announcements for the whole city and the whole city does not go out on that day. “It also controls environmental pollution and lowers the stress level of the people.”

I asked, “Does it happen all over the Netherlands?” The answer was, “No, the big cities haven’t come to Nick Sun yet.” The movement is limited to small towns and villages, but social scientists believe that day. Not far off when the whole world will hear Nick Sun. In Europe, Traffic Free or Carlisle Days are celebrated. No car comes on the road on this day. It also brings down pollution and calms the nerves of the people. I am sure that in the same way, people will know the benefits of Nick Sun. “This tradition will start all over the world.”

I forgot about this incident but when I woke up yesterday for the first time in my life I wanted to do nothing and I spent the whole day lying down. So sometimes even in life, “do nothing”, not doing anything will give you the energy to do everything, but you must remember that it is important to listen, but sometimes, if you do it daily, you will They will become haraam eaters.

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