How will Pakistan be?

Features such as development and prosperity came to mind as soon as China’s name came to mind, but Wuhan did what hardly anyone on the planet could have imagined.

The coronavirus has spread from the city of Wuhan to more than 200 countries and has infected more than a million people so far, with more than 50,000 losing their lives. Have done
Developed countries, developing countries, the whole world at the moment seems to be trapped in the house for fear of the virus, helpless and helpless. Western countries, especially Italy, Spain, Germany, and the United Kingdom, appear to be on the ground in the fight against the virus.

Let the members of Pandora Leakes clear themselves

As part of the world, the coronavirus has also spread to Pakistan and has so far captured more than 2,000 people. According to many organizations, these figures do not accurately reflect the presence of the virus in Pakistan because, On a daily basis, only 500 to 700 people are being tested, while in New York alone, more than 15,000 people are being tested daily.

How will Pakistan be

With each passing day, the coronavirus is becoming a threat to the world economy.
According to a United Nations report, the global economy could suffer a loss of more than one trillion dollars, which could result in the loss of 250 million jobs.

The effects of the coronavirus on the hesitant ventilator economy of Pakistan can be seen from two perspectives in a report by the Asian Development Bank. The worst effects could be a loss of up to پانچ 5.5 billion to the Pakistani economy, including ارب 1.5 billion to the agriculture industry, ایک 1.90 billion to the business and trade industry, and the hotel and restaurant industry.

The cost of the Coronavirus could be estimated at پچ 250 million, اور 670 million in light and heavy machinery, and up to ً 56 million in the transport industry. In terms of load, the figure could be more than کروڑ 160 million.

کروڑ 50 million in agriculture, کروڑ 55 million in trade and commerce, لاکھ 600,000 in hotels and restaurants, about پین 3.5 million in light and heavy machinery, and up to لاکھ 900,000 in the transport industry.

The FBR, which is already facing severe difficulties in collecting its targeted tax in the financial year 2019-20, has raised its target from Rs 5.5 trillion to Rs 5.2 trillion, and if If the lockdown in Pakistan lasts for three or more months, then the FBR will be able to collect barely four point four trillion rupees.
And the rest of the deficit can be met in the years to come by putting more burden on the people in the event of inflation.

If we look at exports, March 2020 has seen a decline of up to 25 percent and this decline is likely to be up to 50 percent in the coming days. If the coronavirus wreaked havoc in Pakistan at the same rate as in other countries, an estimated 950,000 people are likely to be laid off. More than 50 million people are already living in poverty in Pakistan. They live below the poverty line, and that figure could rise to an alarming 60 million people, meaning more than 50 percent of the Pakistani population could be forced to live below the poverty line.

Much has been said about the economy and its effects, now let’s talk about different circles and their attitudes, every fever and cough in Pakistan is considered to be a patient of coronavirus.
Electronic media, the hope on social media that instead of trying to intimidate, the coronavirus can be prevented and there is a full-time treatment and that is a precaution and social distance.

The less you interact with the people, the more you will help Pakistan out of this epidemic. How hard is it to make a small change in your lifestyle? Allah Pak still has special grace on Pakistan. Out of 8,893 people in quarantine, 5,190 have negative results.

The Book of Allah says that the one who saved the life of one person saved the life of all humanity, and this is the best opportunity to follow this verse.

There is uneasiness in some religious circles that mosques and prayer gatherings have been banned. Of course, it is painful to accept this ban as a Muslim, but it has been banned up to the Holy Haram and the only reason is to protect human lives.

To do So why do we inadvertently become blackmailed in the name of religion cards. A few days of caution and then forever settling mosques, why don’t such thoughts arise in our minds? Some quarters seem to be brazenly reckless, believing that the death toll from the virus is less than five percent, but can we afford five percent of deaths in a country of 22 crore? If we talk about the attitude of the opposition, we see nothing but again for the sake of criticism. Then move to the provinces.

If we look at the performance of the federal government, the number of ECUs in Pakistan is currently 19,677, quarantine facilities have been increased from 500 to 162,000, Pakistan Command and Control System All over It has booked more than 1,500 three-star and four-star quarantine facilities. According to statistics, the total number of ventilators in government hospitals is 2,200, up from 3,000 at the end of April and at the end of May. Up to ten thousand will be tried.

It is impossible for a country that spends just one percent of its GDP on health to get out of the virus alone. Be sure to light your own lamp. I am sure that the day is not far away when we will continue to defeat this virus.

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